Financial Impact

Independence, inclusion and accessibility for all visually impaired or partially sighted employees.

How Eyecan is supporting users financially

The Research Ambassadors Campaign

A survey cum interview wherein users can contact the team as part of this campaign to discuss the issues they encounter in their everyday lives and the additions they would want to see in an application. More than 30 interviews in total were conducted and are still in process. The team was able to validate the features they were working on thanks to this. People who take part in research campaigns get rewarded and incentivized.

The Brand Ambassadors Campaign.

This campaign was introduced to achieve two goals i.e., onboarding users and fulfilling employment opportunities for the visually impaired. They are our testers, promoters, sales managers, lead generation manager, etc. BA’s were working with us as testers, promoters and support executive This made them financially independent.

The Eyecan Telecommunication -support

The goal of Eyecan is to empower those who are blind to live independently. Although they have already begun the process of becoming independent, the moment has come to help them become financially independent. Our Brand Ambassador programme has already begun in response to this.

Our story

The mission of Eyecan is to make the world more welcoming and accessible. Eyecan app and hardware have increased the independence and participation of hundreds of people worldwide who are blind or have low vision by speaking out the visual world around them.

Eyecan assists organisations in meeting their diversity and inclusion goals while also tapping into new pools of valuable talent.

Eyecan’s suite of products and services provide people with vision impairment with more employment opportunities and higher workplace productivity.